Why I'm Running

We cannot afford another Trudeau government.

I have seen the benefits for our community when our country is governed well, with low taxes and policies that encourage investment and job creation. I have also seen the consequences for people as our prosperity is squandered by Liberal spending and high taxation.

I am the son of immigrants and have been blessed with a beautiful family that my wife and I raised in Ottawa. I have also had the opportunity to build a family business right here in Ottawa South. I understand hard work and dedication and cannot stand by witness to the reckless wasteful failures of the Liberal government.

If I am elected, I will represent the people of Ottawa South with integrity. Our riding needs a candidate who represents the policies of the party, a candidate who can take action as a trusted community member and proven leader. I will work with my colleagues towards policies that will bring opportunity for those seeking it and support for those needing it.

Canadians deserve representatives that will operate government efficiently with accountability and integrity rather than waste our hard earned tax dollars.


  • Supporting our seniors
  • Supporting families
  • Tax relief for families, seniors and businesses
  • Balancing the budget
  • Reducing government intervention
  • Improving government accountability