Eli Tannis.

Eli Tannis is a successful entrepreneur who was born and raised in Ottawa to immigrant parents from Lebanon. He is the Conservative candidate in Ottawa South to represent you as your Member of Parliament.

Like the owners of small and medium sized businesses across the country, he and his family have created many jobs and understand how much hard work it takes to succeed.

His family is his strength

Eli and his wife Joyce have four children, Jordan, Brandon, Chelsea and Jena.

In 1940, Eli’s father and uncle started Tannis Trading, a small distribution company. Sadly, both died in the early 1970s and Eli’s mother, Souad, was left with six young children and a company that was half a million dollars in debt. With hard work and perseverance, his resilient mother and the family created a successful company, headed by Eli and his siblings for the past 45 years. It employed up to 140 people. Recently, it was sold to Sysco, a major food company which is in the process of expanding its operation in Ottawa South, creating another 100 jobs.

Giving back is in his DNA

The Tannis family is well known for giving back to the community. Eli is a founding member and active organizer and fundraiser for the Tannis 21 Foundation which has contributed more than 1.3 million dollars to community hospitals, research and health care facilities and other charitable organizations.

Eli also spearheaded a partnership between his siblings and Ottawa Salus to help fund and create Karen’s Place in memory of his sister. It is a state-of-the-art housing development located in Ottawa South for those living with mental illness.

He served as President of the Hawthorne Business Park Association and served on the board of St Elias Cathedral.

Why I'm Running

A friend recently asked why I would want to become a Member of Parliament when I have had so many family and business successes here in Ottawa.

“All the more reason to do so”, I replied.

And even more importantly. I have always been and am an active part of this community. This has given me a real understanding of the people living and working here, and a shared concern for our needs and future.

I know what it is like to be the child of immigrant parents who struggled to make ends meet.

I totally understand how hard it is for single – or widowed mothers to provide their children with not only the necessities of life, but the time to give them lots of love and encouragement.

And, I know the value of each nickel and dime, especially when you are building a successful business and have not only a young family to support, but employees and their families as well.

Who better to represent our community?

My successes in Ottawa South have allowed me to give back through my many charitable ventures, provided jobs for many people, and at the same time raised a lovely family with my wife Joyce.

But I now feel more is required from me. The qualities of Canadian life that brought my parents here a few years ago or others’ parents a few generations ago, are being threatened, and I want to ensure that the opportunities for all our families are preserved.

Never one to be afraid to speak up for what is right, I don’t need this job, but I know it's time to take it on. I want it because I will fight for what is right for you, for all of us.