Eli Tannis

Eli is the son of Lebanese immigrants. Eli was born and raised in Ottawa. He and his wife, Joyce, and their four children are residents of Ottawa.

Eli is a business man and currently serves as Vice-President of Tannis Foods.  Tannis Foods is a local family owned and operated business. Through strong work ethic, discipline and strategic business solutions, Eli and his siblings successfully scaled a small trading business that was launched by his father in 1940 to a prosperous food business that has been proudly serving the Ottawa community for over 75 years.

Public service and the principle of giving back to the community has always been an important value of Eli’s. Eli is a founding member and active organizer and fundraiser for the Tannis 21 Foundation which has contributed more than one millions dollars to community hospitals, research and health care facilities, and other charitable organizations in the region. Eli also spearheaded a partnership between his siblings and Ottawa Salus to help fund and create Karen’s Place, a state-of-the art housing development for those living with mental illness in memory of his sister located in Ottawa South. Eli also served as President of the Hawthorne Business Park Association.

Eli Tannis

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We cannot afford another Trudeau government. I have seen the benefits for our community when our country is governed well, with low taxes and policies that encourage investment and job creation. I have also seen the consequences for people as our prosperity is squandered by Liberal spending and high taxation. Canadians deserve representatives that will operate government efficiently with accountability and integrity rather than waste our hard earned tax dollars.

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